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You should bring any claim information or a copy of any documents relevant to your enquiry as well as photo identification such as a driver’s licence or passport.

This really depends on the type of legal matter we will be dealing with for you. For general matters your driver’s licence or other photo ID or Medicare card will be enough and we will discuss what further identification, if any, might be required for your matter at your consultation.

However, if you are seeking advice in relation to loan or guarantee documents, or a transfer of property, you will need to bring multiple forms of identification to verify your identity including your marriage certificate if you have changed your name. Please see a full list of the identification documents required for property matters at the link below:


If you are not sure whether you need a solicitor, take advantage of our free, no obligation, half hour initial consultation to get some initial advice. Or use the free legal referral service we offer at the Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre on the last Wednesday on the month.

This will depend on the type of matter. We offer fixed fee pricing for legal document preparation such as deeds of agreement, wills, enduring guardian or power of attorney documents. We also offer fixed fee pricing for advice in respect to loan and guarantor documents. Acting in an estate matter requiring a grant of probate or letters of administration are subject to legislated legal costs which we will discuss with you at your consultation. Workers Compensation matters are funded by a legal funding provider, IRO, and there is no cost to the injured worker. We tend to do other personal injury compensation claims on a no win/no fee arrangement on a case by case basis. Other matters may be charged on an hourly rate basis for the amount of time we spend on the matter. We will provide you information regarding the potential costs involved in your matter at our initial consultation.

The simple answer is yes you do need a will! Even if you do not have a lot of assets, a will lets everyone else know who you want to be in charge of administering your estate and who you want those assets to go to. You may save yourself a small cost now by not preparing a will but instead you could be incurring expensive legal fees for your estate/beneficiaries by not having one. Think about it, if you have a vehicle registered in your name, or a bank account, how is your next of kin going to be able to have that transferred into their name? Preparing a will is relatively quick and inexpensive and can save your loved ones a lot of hassle later. We offer very competitive fixed fee prices for wills as well as a discount for pension card holders.

If you were injured at work and would like some advice, make an appointment to discuss your matter. We will not charge you for our initial advice and we will then be in a position to assess whether you are likely to be eligible for IRO funding to cover your legal fees should you wish to proceed with a claim. IRO are an independent organisation set up by the government to provide assistance to injured workers. We will complete the IRO funding application on your behalf based on the information you provide at your initial consultation and let you know whether funding is approved before proceeding further with your matter.

In most cases, there are time limits that apply to making a claim for compensation for injuries sustained in an accident. Make use of our free initial consultation to get information regarding your potential entitlements and any time limits that might apply to making a claim as early as possible so that you don’t miss out. If you are not able to see us in person due to your injuries, make a telephone or skype appointment instead so that you can speak to us from the comfort of your own home.

If you are not able to locate a deceased person’s will, we can assist by trying to locate it for you, assisting you with information regarding the applicable legislation and how the estate will need to be distributed and/or assisting with an application for letters of administration if required.

If someone has passed away and you were left out of their will, but believe you should have been included as a beneficiary, you may be able to lodge a family provision claim. Whether or not you are eligible to make that sort of claim depends on your circumstances and relationship to the deceased. We are happy to discuss whether or not you may be eligible to make a family provision claim if you book a free initial consultation with us.

We always recommend getting some advice before completing your claim form, whether its an insurance claim, workers compensation, motor vehicle accident or superannuation claim. The initial claim form and the information you provide is critical to how the insurer will assess your claim and any entitlements you may have. We are happy to provide some initial advice in relation to your claim generally even before you lodge the initial claim form so you know what will be important to the assessment of the claim. Please note that time limits may apply so it is important that you book an appointment as soon as possible to discuss your claim.