Twas the month before Christmas

‘Twas the month before Christmas…

‘Twas the month before Christmas, when everyone decides to conclude,

that every legal matter is urgent and must be done right now – how rude!


Every family lawyer is worried as to whose house the children’s stockings will be hung with care,

but vehemently hopes that there can be some agreement there.

With children all nestled and snug in the agreed parent’s home, and hopefully safe in their bed,

visions of everything that could go wrong with Christmas Day transfers fills the lawyers with dread.


While it may be okay for a someone named Santa to commit an offence,

breaking and entering at Christmas has no valid defence.

The police could be called and a warrant issued for an arrest,

no one wants to spend Christmas in a gaol cell, any criminal lawyer can attest.


Remember it’s the Christmas season and a time to be jolly,

just don’t get too caught up in all the work Christmas party folly.

Don’t drink and drive after too much beer,

It will keep our roads safe and clear.


I am in my office trying to get every compensation claim filed and capped,

before the court closes at the end of the month for its Christmas break nap.

The phone is ringing with such a clatter,

because everyone concludes before their upcoming holiday that suddenly having a will matters.


Everyone thinks that everything needs to be done in such a flash,

I feel like closing the office early and making a dash.

But with time on my side for now,

please make your appointment well before it gets urgent and I cannot allow.


As you are planning and wrapping and getting ready for the appearance of Santa and his reindeer,

try to have sympathy for all of the people who have to work in the lead up this year.

While I will try my best to make legal matters go quick,

don’t forget your manners or you will end up on the naughty list of St Nick.


It’s time to wind up the year on a good note,

and finish this Christmas themed article I wrote.

There is lots of excitement ahead for WNB Legal with a new office in the works,

we hope to be opening it in the New Year, despite its current quirks!


Best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas to you,

and I hope that you all have a nice holiday planned with a view.

You can rest assured that an end to this article is in sight,

“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night”!


KC Hilton, WNB Legal.